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The Waffle Press

Have you tried our Send Me Cocoa waffles?
These decadent waffles are made with
high quality cocoa powder and mini marshmallows
and are one of our personal favorites!

Send a single waffle, send 6 Cocoa waffles or mix it with our
Original Sugar waffle (3 Cocoa and 3 Sugar waffles).

Your choice!    

A Waffle that tastes like Hot Cocoa?
Send Me Cocoa Waffles (6 pack) or Mix with Send Me Sugar (6 pack)

With its almost brownie like taste, this waffle tastes great on its own or paired with a dry red wine (or Hot Cocoa- we won't judge). Complete with marshmallow bits AND pearl sugar baked in, this waffle will be your new favorite.

Each box contains 6 individually wrapped Send Me Cocoa waffles or 3 Send Me Cocoa and 3 Send Me Sugar waffles  - you choose! 

Single Send Me Cocoa Waffle

Send just one waffle to let them know you care!


Send Me Cocoa Waffles being made.
Photo 1 - Marshmallow bits being folded in to the dough.
Photo 2- Waffle balls ready for the waffle iron!


πŸ‘‰Remember the beauty of our business is that you can send waffles without any human contact! You don’t have to brave the grocery store. You don’t have to touch a credit card reader. You just go online and send waffles!

Everyone needs a reason to smile today. We are in this together.

Send smiles now at


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