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If I had a million dollars

June 26, 2020

‘If I had a million dollars’ - a song by the Barenaked Ladies. Hear it HERE

I’ll cut to the chase, this email has nothing to do with the end of financial year and a whole lot more to do with the impact of Covid on tourism and hospitality.

So until the 10th July we are losing our minds and all the other clichés, to get some funds in! This just happens to coincide with the end of a ‘not very financial year’.

In my corporate days I used to make a heap of wine for the UK, they loved the blends we would make, couldn’t get enough of the ‘BOGOF’ wine. My heart almost broke when I found out what BOGOF meant - Buy One Get One Free! 

(Above) Sue's reaction to the concept of BOGOF

Well get out the dust pan, to pick through the pieces of my heart that only good people, music, food and wine keep together.  We are selling some wine that actually only gets better with age, but I don’t want to build a shed to store the wine we would normally have sold this year... Might as well give it to you, the people who make my day with orders and messages of support.

Never say never, but I am pretty confident we will NEVER be mentioning BOGOF again.

...and if you have friends who appreciate ridiculous offers like this...or the fabulous experiences we have, get them to sign up to our newsletter/join our flock (and mention you in the referral) to go into the draw for our 'Be a winemaker for a week' competition (Click HERE for more info) worth over $2200 which finishes at the end of July. 

Sue x

BOGOF deals...