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Swap Paris for Penola

May 12 , 2020

Great news this week for our South Australian customers is that regional tourism is not only allowed but encouraged!  For those of you needing an escape, we are re-opening our campground and glamping for our favourite time of the year - Winter!

Coonawarra is famous for red wines, in particular Cabernet. We are also famous for our giant red gums. Does it get any better than a campfire roast and a glass of Cabernet. Imagine your friends or family reconnecting with conversation around a campfire, under the stars. To truly appreciate stars, you need to escape light pollution, so the four hour drive from Adelaide will do just that. We have included our suggested Spotify play list for your Coonawarra road trip - Play it HERE....enjoy!


This coming weekend would normally be the Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival, special to us as our first public openings were pop up or sneak peaks.  8 years ago we had our first exhibition with Sally Blake.  Then 7 years ago our first music event with Kelly Menhennett and Kristy & Jason Wallace. Hard to believe what we have done since then with events over the years. Though CoVid-19 has cancelled the festival, to support the artists we are going to do a ‘virtual community’ version of our events. 

Virtual Community

Thursday 14th May - 7:30pm SA time  (on our Bellwether Facebook Page) we will host an opening of Tracey Murphy’s exhibition live from her house in the ACT. Tracey will show us how she ‘makes her mark’ with her paint brushes made from nature, blending her own paint colours, recycling and weaving materials into her artwork to tell stories. She has worked all year to produce an exhibition to suit the surrounds of our shearing shed, we are disappointed not to have it hanging in our space, so didn’t want you to miss out. 

Tracey has generously donated one piece for auction, so we are throwing in a case of wine and glamping voucher to the package - you will bid on line in the comments of her live feed, highest bid achieved by Sunday night 5pm will be successful.  All proceeds will go to Limestone Coast Domestic Violence Service, a really important cause, even more so in times of increased emotional and financial stress. So dig deep. Tracey’s exhibition will be for sale on line from Thursday nights, so please share amongst friends so we can help her sell out.

Check out her Instagram page HERE.

Tracey's faves...