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Satanic Temple to Stage Rally for Women’s Reproductive Health

The Satanic Temple to Stage Women’s Reproductive Health Rally

Supporters will choose on which capital city Satanists will march

The Satanic Temple (TST) will be staging a rally for religious reproductive rights and women’s health at the capital of one of the states with the most egregiously restrictive abortion laws. These states include Indiana, Missouri, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Dakota, Ohio, and Utah. Supporters will donate in support of their choice of state, and the location that has received the most donations will be announced at midnight on Halloween.

To view the campaign that will determine where The Satanic Temple will rally, visit: https://womenshealthrally.com

The rally and the fundraising will support TST’s efforts to protect reproductive rights that are being eroded in many states. As a religious organization, TST insists that its members are exempt from obstacles to abortion access under both the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

TST’s religious belief that people should live in accordance with the best scientific knowledge available, and its belief in bodily autonomy, inform their opposition to laws that restrict abortion access. Some of the laws that force TST members to violate their religious beliefs include required provision of reading material with content that does not conform to science and/or that promotes a religious agenda, requiring how human tissue be disposed, mandating unnecessary and unwanted procedures that do not promote health and safety, requiring doctors withhold medical information, and restricting access to abortifacients.

TST plans to fight these restrictions in court to protect their rights once plaintiffs come forward. Jill MR, the director of TST’s religious reproductive rights campaign notes, “The rally is designed to put states on notice that TST will be mounting legal challenges to laws that violate our Constitutional rights to unfettered abortion access. Most of the governors who signed restrictive laws also claim to be defenders of religious rights. If they oppose our claims, they will reveal that they seek to privilege only certain faiths and they will be in violation of their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution.”

Donations to support the rally also serve to determine which state will hold the rally. In addition, a postcard will be sent to the governor to inform them that a contribution has been made. TST will hold the Women’s Health Rally at the capital of whichever state raises the most money. The winning state will be announced when the campaign ends at 11:59 pm on October 31st.

For more information and to provide a tax-deductible donation, please visit: https://womenshealthrally.com


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